Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Art of Project Management and how to do it

Which is the best To Do List / Task Management application that also has Project Management features ?

Each of the different system we tried had many awesome features, but none of them seemed perfect to us. After a short time, we'd abandon one in lieu of another and felt like we repeated the cycle endlessly. We tried others and spent much time simply updating an Google Spreadsheet. We've often been frustrated with the lack of a "perfect" application (for us, of course - We know this is a decision of needs).

One myth of project management is that certain people have an innate ability to do it well, and others do not. Whenever this myth came up in conversation we always asked for an explanation of that ability - how to recognize it, categorize it, and, if possible, develop it in others. After discussion and debate, the only thing we usually identified is the ability to make things happen

According to this conclusion we just thought about what needs do we and/or our partners/customers have and which tools most of them are used to. Based on almost two years of experience in EU-Projects - for example ALTRACKS - we created  a Project Management System which maybe is also useful for you.

The "Art of Project Management" that we build with the Help of Google, Todoist and FullContact:

Google Account:

Team Communication with Google Groups and Google Chat
  • Creating a Google Group
  • Effectively using your Google Groups
  • Google Chat
  • Using group chat
  • Inviting Others to Hangouts
Planning with Google Calendar
  • Setting up a project calendar
  • Calendar permissions
  • Calendar Events
  • Ongoing and events edits
Project Management with all Documents on  Google Drive
  • Creating a shared folder
  • Adding Documents to shared folder
  • Effective Collaboration with Google Drive
Google Mail
  • Effective use of conversation thread in Google Mail
  • Message organization with Google Labels
  • Message filters
Google Sites
  • Tie it all together with Google Sites

FullContact for Gmail:

FullContact for Gmail is one of the best Chrome extensions that would make your Emails more powerful and productive. This plugin for Google Chrome allows you to discover the social profiles of a contact right from your Gmail Inbox. The plugin lets you connect deeper with your contacts, allowing you to browse their images, Facebook posts, Twitter feed; all without leaving your Inbox!

Contact sharing would complete this service perfect. As FullContact mentioned on their blog, they are already working on this feature which will be implemented in near future.

Getting Things Done GTD® with Todoist

Ultimately, most people want a task management solution that they can use anytime, anywhere. Todoist integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and Postbox. No matter what device you're using, you can access Todoist (as long as you are able to connect with the Internet upon launch). With integration for three major email clients, you have the ability to have your task manager at the ready while processing your email inbox. Very nice. And with Todoist for gmail, you have a nice build integration..

Getting Things Done GTD®

GTD  manages projects with two essentials tools:
  • Lists identify actions necessary for a successful outcome.
  • Reference materials are items needed during the course of the project, such as instructions, reports, analysis or articles.
Projects move forward in GTD when "next action" steps are extremely clear. Projects stall when the next action isn't clearly defined. A clearly defined action consists of a single task that can be completed with available materials, information, and equipment.