Tuesday, 8 December 2015

LastPass - The last password you have to remember

Security and automation are imperative if you want to succeed in today’s online world. Needing access from any device on any place can make life a bit confusing. Everyday at Azorvida we’re working on different projects. But our workload is more manageable and smoother because all of our admin passwords are tightly held inside LastPass. So long are the days of writing every password down, or saving them on a file.

Here are 6 reasons why LastPass needs to be your password manager

  1. Eliminate password stress. LastPass makes sure they never have to go through the “forgot password” steps again. Talk about time saved and frustration avoided!
  2. Unlimited password sync to unlimited devices. No matter what computers and mobile devices they use (or the new ones they get this year!) they can sync everything in their vault, anywhere they need it. 
  3. Sharing passwords, made convenient. “What’s the Netflix password again, honey?” Share passwords with others via LastPass, easily and safely. 
  4. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and sticky notes. They’ve got better things to do than write down passwords and manually copy-paste logins. Get them out of the stone age of password management and speed up their browsing with automatic password saving and filling. 
  5. All the security, without the hassle. It’s not hard to make a different password for every website when they have an app to do that for them. Give them peace of mind all year long with military-grade encryption to fortify their passwords. 
  6. We from Azorvida use it now since two years and we can really recommend LastPass 
LastPass is the perfect tool for family, friends, co-workers – all the digital professionals in your life who have way too many passwords to remember. And even if they’re not struggling to remember their passwords, they could probably use some help in beefing up their password security and protecting their online accounts from hackers.