Friday, 16 October 2015

Browser Update

An initiative by web designers to inform users about browser-updates

This service is an opportunity to inform your visitors unobtrusively to switch to a newer browser. Many internet users are still using very old, out-dated browsers – most of them for no actual reason. Switching to an newer browser is better for them and for you as a web designer.

How it works

  1. Include our small javascript notification on your website
  2. Visitors with out-dated browser will be informed by a little, undisturbed bar, that their browser is not up-to-date and it is recommended to update. (Test the notification bar!)
    Your browser (Internet Explorer 6) is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how to update your browser
  3. By clicking the bar, they will get to an info page with arguments why to change/update and some browser choices.
  4. If the visitor ignores the advice, it won't appear again for some time.

Why you should tell users to update

Reduced development costs and time
Optimizing websites for old browsers is time consuming and thus expensive.

Webdesign technologies and features
There are all these great new web development standards and they are supported by modern browsers... but you may not use them.
Newer browsers let you use more features and new technologies (CSS3, SVG, HTML5, RSS, CSS Generated Content, flexible Layouts) on your website, resulting in a better browsing experience for your users.

Security and benefits for the user
Numerous benefits: security, speed, features, ... Look at the update page. The security-threats of outdates browsers are listed in this paper.

The web has to evolve...
But that's only possible if the browsers also evolve.

Users don't oppose updating...... they often just do not appreciate the need to update or the existence of the "web browser" as a software at all.

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