Thursday, 8 October 2015

Creative Commons - what about?

Many People know that there is something called "creative commons licenses". But what does it mean? Is it a license? No, basically is Creative Commons a non-profit organization that has drafted a set of free and voluntary copyright licenses that may be used by any creator for any of their content. 

With Creative Commons licenses, creators have the choice to give up certain exclusive rights normally associated with copyright, while retaining others. There are currently six different licenses that provide users with different levels of freedom.

And what's about the shortcuts and icons? The basic idea of ​​creative commons licenses is simple and helpfull ... if you understand what it means.

The following infographic show it in a very clear way: artists and creatives can think about whether or not they will use a CC license. And users understand hopefully better what they need to consider if they want to use or share CC-licensed works.