Saturday, 30 April 2016

Decentralized social networks

What is Friendica and why should I bother using it?

Friendica is open source software that implements a decentralized social network. It provides a wide range of connectors to other social networks. Connect with friends on, Diaspora, GNU Social, or Twitter. You can import RSS feeds and post to Facebook, Libertree, Wordpress, Tumblr, Google+ pages and more. You can even interact via mail.

Why Friendica?

Because somebody has to stand up for the people of the Internet.

This is why we exist. Friendica is our alternative to those "creepy" social networks that don't really care about your privacy, and only seem to care how they can profit from taking it away. They seem to be constantly making it harder for your social communications to actually reach your friends and families, and easier for unwanted people to sell you stuff.

If these things concern you, perhaps it's time to join other freedom loving and privacy respecting people on the free social web.

The Friendica Project is a world-wide consortium of software developers creating decentralised social platforms and technology for the coming post-Facebook world. We aren't as flashy and well known as some of the other projects working on a decentralised/federated social web, but we've been quietly working behind the scenes to provide the most reliable, full-featured, and extensible alternative to the monolithic providers.

Fact is, that some of the corporate-owned networks are not happy that we've managed to integrate their networks so seamlessly and have started to close off and restrict the ability to interact with their members. Friendica can stand on its own without them, but while it lasts, it is pleasant to interact in a global social space without walls.

Your data are yours

Community-hosted, decentralized social media like Friendica, Diaspora, GNU Social etc. allow people to maintain ownership of their data. These platforms use a principle called “federation” to connect a vast network of servers to one another.

If for example the NSA wants to collect the data of all the users on a decentralized network, it has to contend with a large number of disparate server owners who could be anywhere in the world, a much more complicated task than issuing a single subpoena or hacking into a centralized server.
Social communication for all. Secure - free - decentralized

Join the Friendica network

To sign-up on a Friendica instance, visit the list of public nodes. Click the Name and then look for the "Sign-up" option or install your own node on your own Webspace, invite your friends and 

Get yourself started with Friendica.

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